A rare snow day in Darlington, enjoying South Park & West Park

On Thursday my daughters woke up and ran to the window with excitement, peering out and seeing a blanket of snow across the fields behind us, alas it was a school day!

The girls go to a village school so we got ready early and on our way, 45 minutes later we get there as the roads where chaos. As we got closer to the school I could see many parents walking with their children away from the school, excitement spread across all our faces as we knew how we could go and have a snow day with School being closed.

As we drove back into town the traffic was still slow and heavy, we decided to go straight to South Park and explore. This is the main large park in town, South Park, it looks beautiful all year round but even more so in the snow. The park has lots to offer with –

  • Toddler and a junior play park
  • Multi-use games area
  • Bandstand
  • Skate park
  • Bowling green
  • Green gym
  • Aviary and Cafe

As well as the hidden gem often overlooked within the park the beautiful rockery with pool which is located across the iron footbridge.

The park also has a lovely little cafe located near the bowling greens.

The park is located Parkside, Darlington, DL1 5TG.



We enjoyed a stroll around the park, watching the swans on the frozen lake breaking through the ice, then we decided to head home get into some warmer clothing and dig out the sledge!

A hot chocolate, lots of layers and gloves later we headed back out. This time to a park we know has some great hills perfect for sledging!

We headed for some of the smaller slopes first giving the girl’s a chance to get used to the sledge as it had been so long since we last got to go sledging! Somehow Darlington always seems to miss out on the heavy snow and often just gets a sprinkling that is gone within hours of it arriving. So to be trudging up the slopes in a 5-6 inches of snow is a real treat!

West Park is one of Darlington’s newest parks opening in 2005,  covering 30 acres with beautiful surroundings: artworks and poetry, a large play area, a cycle track and walkways with views across the countryside. It is located in Darlington just off West Auckland Road we often park in the little street next to the Lookers Volkswagen Car Garage but there are other places near you can park and walk to the park. Within walking distance from the park you also have a couple of choice’s for food if your looking for a bite to eat, there is a pub called White Heifer That Travelled as well as Tea with Alice located on Tillage Green, West Park. I must admit I’ve yet to visit to Tea with Alice but looking at the Facebook page’s it’s somewhere I plan to visit very soon the cakes look scrumptious!

We had a fantastic time with lots of squeals of excitement from the girls. I recommend a visit to the park any time of the year but if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the snow slopes then this is definitely one of the best places in Darlington.

My youngest daughters hoodie is one of her favourites and is from Sheep-ish , friends of ours set up the brilliant brand back in 2006 and if your over in the Lake District any time do call into their shop in Keswick.








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