A visit to Jump 360 Stockton

The girl’s cousins had plans to go at the weekend so we decided to join them, now firstly I must admit I struggle with the price of this place. £10 for an hour per person seems very steep to me. As we entered it was apparent how big the space was, we went over to the reception where we noticed the screens which you could use if you had pre-booked online so on the machines, you need to enter things like the date of birth and read through the terms and conditions of the trampoline park. After this which is a little long in itself, you have to then go to the reception to get your wristbands. I felt like I was all prepared, the girls had socks on but you are then told you need trampoline socks there own branded ones with grips. They are £2 a pair! The only good thing is you get to keep them so as long as you remember them for future visits. You then have to go to the side waiting room to watch an information DVD on a large screen with all the safety and rules explained to the kids.


The children are then all took out onto the trampolines and parents/carers then head upstairs where there is a viewing balcony seating area with a cafe too. I noticed lots of signs around explaining no outside food or drinks is allowed in, which of course when your kids have been bouncing for half an hour they are very desperate for a drink! Drinks were £1.50 a bottle of pop, with quite a few drinks choices this seemed one of the cheaper. It becomes an even more expensive hour out very quickly.


I went down to watch the kids all enjoying themselves and they really were having fun it was the first visit for my girls. I noticed plenty of staff where needed supervising the children. They had a few different areas as well as all of the trampolines. The girls favourite was the air pillow! I was pleased to see that they limit the numbers in at once so you always have a lot of empty space and trampolines around for the children to play safely. I was worried it would be overcrowded and unsafe but it was very much the opposite.

The girls finished very hot and sweaty, told me it was brilliant and when could they go again!



I’m thrilled they loved it especially for my eldest Lily who has some difficulties with her gross motor skills but I would only be looking to go again if the prices were cheaper as I personally can’t justify that amount of money for an hour in there then all the drinks etc on top so it would defiantly be a place as a special treat only.



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