#Ad -All Aboard Juno a River Cruise from Preston Park to Yarm and back

Ad- We were kindly invited along to experience a gifted tranquil cruise along the River Tees from  Preston Park onboard the beautiful Juno which took us on a scenic 40 minute trip along to Yarm.  Where we then had a couple of hours to embrace the shopping delights of Yarm, with a little learning thrown in too. (Who can guess how many bricks were used to build the viaduct?).

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 RiverShack’s RiverBoat Juno is a colourful passenger vessel it has previously been used as a Whitby Coastal Cruise vessel and originally she was built-in 1980 in Belfast. The great thing about the cruise is there is a folder for you to browse full of information about the history of the river, the boat and what to look for on your trip.  Juno can accommodate up to 60 people on the idyllic river cruise service connecting Yarm and Preston Park, taking around 30-40 mins.

We parked up at Preston Park, they have a large free car park, we headed into the museum first as we had plenty of time which you can read more about here, as we wanted to grab a little packet of sweets from the Victorian Sweet Shop for the boat trip. We then headed back past the park, a quick go on the tyre swing for the girls, then down the slopped winding path to the River Shack team.

We boarded Juno and found a spot ready to enjoy our cruise along the River Tees. As we left Preston Park behind, the girls waving to those on the riverside, we were able to relax and take in the sights and sounds of the river.

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We passed a few people fishing on the banks, Willow loved to wave at them and she would decide who was grumpy and who was happy. Then we also had a paddleboard group pass us by which had the girls wondering how easy it would be to keep your balance.  We kept a lookout for movement in the water and the river banks whilst also enjoying some beautiful views of the fields, many full of bright red poppies.

Around 40 minutes later we arrived at Yarm, somewhere I hadn’t really had the chance to explore before so with a few hours to spare it was exciting to get to go see what Yarm High Street had to offer us.

The River Shack team had given us a few top recommendations, asking us all individually first what we like, I loved this interaction with the passengers, they really want you to have the best experience that day not just on board.

Armed with top tips of where to visit we headed along the cobbled high street which was bustling with people enjoying the mild weather, with it being on the warm side we decided to head along to Treats of Yarm where the girls enjoyed a delicious ice cream milkshake each.

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We popped in lots of the little shops to browse and admired the shop displays, the Pop Up Shop which is a great new addition helping bring both small businesses and customers back into Yarm High Street.  With a selection of small businesses showing their wares, they are changed regularly giving you a great variety of choice each time you visit.

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We also did a little bit of exploring on a riverside walk, taking in the sights Yarm has to offer by the water, with the impressive Viaduct and more paddle boarders passing up by it was an enjoyable wander and also a little educational for the girls. This walk brought us back to Juno, we had a relaxing boat ride back to the hustle and bustle of a busy Preston Park. So relaxing I thought both girls were going to fall asleep as they snuggled in for a cuddle watching the river banks.

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River Shack is a perfect way to enjoy a summers day relaxing on a river cruise and a chance to explore Yarm.

For me, one of the most amazing things about RiverShack is that it is a Community Interest Company – a CIC – which means they are not for profit. Everything they do is to help improve access to and on the river Tees.

River Shacks goal is to reconnect people with the River Tees, via rowing boats or the river bus service, Juno.

River Shack is open between Easter and October at weekends and school & bank holidays – weather permitting. For the most up to date info please check the Facebook page. 

From River Shack’s Facebook page


Here’s what we are doing on the river every day this summer.

(There are a few exceptions on Tues/Weds so check Facebook posts first or call us).

 Juno opens daily – leaves Yarm (begins Sainsbury’s) 11am, 1pm 3pm & 5pm
Leaves Preston Park 2pm 4pm & 5.40pm
Leaves Yarm 3pm & 5pm

£8 /£5 Adult / Child return
£5/£3 Adult / Child one way.
4 and under free / family tickets available.
Dogs welcome – Pram friendly
Arrive 15 mins early to get a seat.

Rowing 🚣from Yarm
£10 per boat + £1 per person for 30 mins
£15 per boat + £1 per person for 60 mins


The boat trip was honestly so relaxing, we all enjoyed looking out for wildlife, talking about the river and taking in the pretty views! It really is such a great way to enjoy Yarm and Preston Park! 



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