Educating Rita, Darlington Hippodrome Review (Ad)

Ad- I was invited along to watch Educating Rita in exchange for a review

Another extremely enjoyable evening at Darlington Hippodrome this time a production that had just two performing on stage all evening yet kept the audience undoubtedly captivated. With humour, emotion and moments of pure brilliance on stage from both actors, this heartwarming comedy is a must-see.

Jessica Johnson as Rita and Stephen Tompkinson as Frank in EDUCATING RITA. Credit Robert Day (press 2)

This play really struck a chord with me. Having never watched the film, I was not sure what to expect. Yet I sat in the theatre enthralled, finding myself relating to so much of the character of Rita.

Her desire to know more, see more, be more. Unsure of her place within the world. A journey that should have been a simple one, to gain more knowledge in one area, unravelled to become life-changing in many ways! Of course, the journey did not alter the true essence of Rita.

Written by one of our greatest ever playwrights Willy Russell and starring one of our best-loved actors Stephen Tompkinson as Frank and introducing Jessica Johnson as Rita.

Working-class Rita wishes to better herself and study English Literature, beginning her Open University course she soon finds out her Tutor Frank, who is at first rather reluctant to take her on, is somewhat of a character himself, the endless scotch he drinks surprisingly isn’t the only reason. The two quickly realise how much they have to teach each other.

Stephen Tompkinson as Frank in EDUCATING RITA. Credit Robert Day (press)

Educating Rita may have first been premiered in London nearly 40 years ago, but this life story is still being delivered with brilliance by Stephen Tompkinson and Jessica Johnson to the audience in 2019. With a host of issues still relevant today as they where in the ’80s it would be hard to leave the theatre without feeling a range of emotion.

Educating Rita is on at Darlington Hippodrome until Saturday, August 17, 2019.


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