Emil and The Detectives -Theatre Hullabaloo -Darlington – Review (ad)

This morning we went along to Theatre Hullabaloo to watch Emil and The Detectives the girls and I had a fantastic time, we are very lucky to have this amazing venue on our doorstep bringing us world-class theatre productions aimed for children.

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From the moment we entered the building you were immersed in the production and the children have crafts they can do that then become part of the show!


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A small theatre space brings a really intimate performance and the children really feel part of it all. A great introduction to theatre. A great mix of delight and wonder with added thought-provoking themes, the lighting transforms the stage before your eyes with some clever use of the children’s creations and it’s a real visual joy for children throughout. The two cast members tell the story with such talent it was a real treat to get to watch today.

Within Theatre Hullabaloo you also have the Enchanted Forest at the moment you can read about that here.

*We received complimentary tickets.

Even after the show has finished the production team are encouraging everyone to stay and create the characters to be in the next performance later that day. The girls then got to go back into the theatre to put up the character they had drawn and know it will be on display and play a part for other families too enjoy.









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