Exploring the Lakes with The Lake District Pound

#Ad -I was provided with Lake District Pound in order to review the passport trail, I did, however, purchase more myself when on our holiday as the girls were enjoying it so much and had been gifted money from family to treat themselves.


The girls and I have just got back from a lovely stay over near the Lake District in Cumbria,  with the weather kindly on our side, we had a lovely time making lots of special memories with my mum.


One thing that made the trip a little different for us this time was getting to use the Lake District Pounds in the local businesses whilst collecting stamps for the passport, the whole aim of this great idea is


When you purchase your Lake District Pounds, anything over £25 of sterling worth, which can be done online here (details of other places to get them when in the Lakes are on the website too), you will receive a colourful Lake District Passport!


This gives you the chance to have a great time discovering the best businesses of the Lakes as you take part in the passport trail. Have fun with the kids collecting stamps as you spend with the local businesses in the Lake District.

It’s worth noting that The Lake District Pound website has a special offer where £100 LDP is £90 sterling, meaning your saving £10. A huge choice of over 350 businesses in the Lake District accepting the LDP . You can easily find which places accept them too here using the map to narrow down the areas you plan to visit.

Enough detail here is what we did on our first day, Easter Monday, a busy bank holiday, we headed straight to Bowness on Windermere. It was a beautiful day so we decided to enjoy a lovely scenic boat ride on Windermere Lake Cruises. The sticker logo was immediately visible at the ticket booth. The lady explained the children would get the stamp onboard once we had set sail. This was the girl’s first stamp and they were super excited to get this and begin the passport trail.

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We also stopped off at Windermere on the way back to our cottage. We found several businesses who accepted the Lake District Pound with clear logos in the windows. The girls particularly enjoyed choosing some sweets from Life is Sweet, whilst I enjoyed choosing a tipple from Lakeland Artisan.  Not all of the businesses have a stamp so we only managed to collect one stamp from the two shops.

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We headed along to Toys 2 Play and Lakeland Pine and Oak next where we received two more stamps in our passport and excellent service. We also popped into The Little Chippy on the way back to the car for the girls to enjoy in the car on our way back.

Every business we entered had kind and friendly staff making it a really enjoyable experience for us.

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We ventured out on a lovely walk the next day to Rydal Caves, so we didn’t manage to get to any businesses that day to spend. On Wednesday we headed into Pooley Bridge a gorgeous little village. With a few great pubs and a handful of shops and post office, the river flowing into the northern end of Ullswater.

Here we managed to get several stamps, Gin lovers make sure you call into Chestnut House, with an amazing selection of around 300 different Gins available! Plenty to sample too if you’re not driving. Thankfully that was the case for me, so I sampled a few different Gins before purchasing. I called into the post office to change my sterling for Lake District Pound a simple and quick process.  We also enjoyed delicious ice cream from The Barn, Willow was most impressed by the Unicorn Ice Cream! Some lovely little shops to browse and most here accept the Lake District Pound.

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On Thursday afternoon we decided to visit Keswick which has a large number of businesses on board accepting the Lake District Pound. It was a market day and quite busy, then we got caught in a downpour (No trip to the lakes can be without any rain right) so we didn’t quite get to as many businesses as we had hoped but the girls still came away with a sweet treat and a stamp in the passport from Friars, a wish string bracelet and stamp from Love the Lakes and a card from Cherry Didi. Also, another trip to the post office here to exchange sterling for a few more Lake District Pounds.

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Friday our stamp collecting journey took us too Rhged where we managed to acquire two more stamps one from the filling station (filling up to go home sadly) the other from the last toy purchase for the girls in the brilliant toy store upstairs. It has a great selection of Lego! We purchased in the shop and then showed our purchase down at the main desk to get our passport stamped. Rheged also has a great outdoor play area but sadly it was too wet and cold to enjoy on the visit.

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I would highly recommend changing your sterling to Lake District Pounds if you have children, as my two loved hunting for the logo’s in the windows and looking for where they could spend them. Next time we go we will be purchasing more and stamp collecting again. The website is great for planning and seeing where you can spend them in the area of the Lakes you plan to visit.





  1. Stuart Forster
    May 5, 2019 / 2:01 pm

    Nice post. I’ve seen a similar scheme operating in Lewes, down near the south coast of England.

    • thefreckledmumof2
      May 30, 2019 / 11:49 am

      It’s a great idea my girls thought it was fantastic spending the Lake District Pounds. The designs are amazing too, all of the detail.

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