Fire & Ice In Durham

**Update** The dates have been released for 2020’s Fire & Ice event in Durham. The dates are over the February half term on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd. The theme is Travelling Through Time.

Today we decided to take a trip to Durham after seeing a few photos from yesterday’s event I wanted to take the girls to explore Durham and the literary characters sculptures. There are 10 different ice sculptures dotted around Durham’s city centre. We got parked up in the multi-storey car park and as soon as we entered the shopping area we were greeted with an enormous ‘Gruffalo’ ice sculpture! The girls were thrilled as they are huge fans.

We then headed towards the market square and we were handed a leaflet with a map for the event which was really handy. We then got to see the ‘Snow White’ mirror before heading up to Durham Cathedral on the way passed another sculpture ‘Manga’ which was a competition winner.

Up at the cathedral, the backdrop did not disappoint, wow, the Lord of The Rings sculpture was spectacular. There was also another ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ sculpture.

Down on Elvet Bridge, they had two brilliant sculptures one from ‘The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz’ and the other from ‘James and the Giant Peach’. The girls loved the tin man and his heart.

We then headed back to the market square ready for the Lion Dance for Chinese New Year, we got there a little early so headed into the indoor market where we found an amazing pizza place called Brooklyn Pizza Slice and ordered ourselves a 12-inch pizza to share for only £6.

Back outside the crowds were growing in anticipation of the Lion Dance. We managed to get a space to the side and enjoyed the performance especially the water and flame display! We did have to leave before it finished as my daughter Lily struggled with the noise level and we had forgotten to bring the ear defenders, it all got a little too much so we headed back into the market quickly to get away from the noise what we did see looked and sounded awesome. We did also get to see the start of the live ice sculpting it was fascinating to watch.

We came across a street performer statue who had our girls giggling with his antics scaring people walking by, this was perfect timing after Lily has got upset with the noise levels.

As we headed down towards the River Wear we stopped off to take in the views and enjoy our pizza slices they were scrumptious. We got to see another two sculptures on the bridge one of ‘William Shakespeare’ and ‘A Game of Thrones’.

We then went on to find ‘Paddington Bear’ another one that was a huge hit with my daughters.

Last but not least we found the ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ sculpture. This area was lots of fun for the girls as there was also a chocolate block! Basically, the kids could all have a go at breaking into the ice with spoons to get to the chocolate. I did see quite a few adults having a go too. There was also a live carving where you could have a go too, sadly my girls didn’t fancy that.

We had a brilliant time exploring Durham and finding all of the sculptures! We decided against staying for the evening spectacular with Lily not coping too well earlier but I can imagine it will be a fabulous display and I look forward to seeing others photos and videos. On the way back to the car we stopped to see how the ice sculptor was getting on and we were mega impressed with his progress!

 Did you visit the Fire & Ice event? Which was your favourite?


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