Harmby Waterfall and Leyburn

A little drive out to Harmby and Leyburn today, for a short walk around the beautiful village of Harmby. Where you will find a stunning, easy to access waterfall in Harmby.

We parked over the road from it just before the Pheasant Inn pub and then crossed over the road, you can hear the waterfall as soon as you get out of your car. It is then down a short driveway which is a signposted public footpath, (the sign is very small) that takes you to the Harmby waterfall via a small wooden gate.

Once through the gate, we turned right and could see the beautiful, powerful waterfall ahead. The great thing is you have two viewpoints for this rather majestic waterfall. If you cross the little bridge you can get up close to the waterfall, it’s just inside of a gated area.


You could then carry along the path either way and do a little loop through the village walking through a housing estate, which we found quite nice seeing the views and admiring the gardens.

Alternatively, you could walk on to Leyburn and make it more of an outing. We had a little drive along to Leyburn but parking looked a bit tricky with the beautiful weather today but plenty of choice for ice creams or a slice of cake. I noticed there was a public footpath all the way from Leyburn to Harmby too along the roadside.

We have visited Leyburn before via the Wensleydale Railway when the girls were much younger from Leeming bar station. The girls particularly enjoyed a trip to Leyburn Shawl where there is a lovely little play park and some breathtaking views across Wensleydale and best of all its free.

To find it from the Market Square in Leyburn, follow the directions to The Shawl, go through the gate, and then enjoy the most beautiful views.

*Please note the park photos are from 5 years ago so there may be some changes to the play area now.

Somewhere we will no doubt be back to again. Sitting by the waterfall taking in the sights and sounds was bliss. I do love being by the water 😍

Directions –

For sat nav I had put in Harmby but you could use the postcode DL8 5PA and once you drive into Harmby and get to the Pheasant Inn you can either park in the lay by or turn down into Harmby Village itself and park on the street. I’ve added a little map of where I parked below.


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