Octopus Soup, Darlington Hippodrome Review (Ad)

*Ad- I was invited along in exchange for a review.

Much like the dish itself, it was slow cooking, but thankfully just about worth the wait. With the laughs falling a little short for me personally in the first half the second half was much more fast paced and laughs aplenty.

Octopus Soup is a brand new British farce With Nick Hancock (iconic TV host for Room 101 and They Think It’s All Over) joined by Paul Bradley (EastEnders, Holby City), Gillian Bevan (Holby City, Teachers), Carolyn  Backhouse (Coronation Street, The Bill) and the legendary Eric Richard (The Bill, EastEnders) all give outstanding performances and it is more the production itself I thought was lacking.

Meet Seymour, the safest man in Britain. An insurance guy who wears a belt and braces (and another belt, just to be sure!) He’s in last chance saloon with everything riding on this one vital conference call. What could possibly go wrong? Well, literally EVERYTHING! Enter Marvin, a bungling burglar with bad knees…

Meanwhile, Seymour’s neurotic wife Gloria awaits news on a star TV role, a psychopathic mob boss is just around the corner and a share of the £30 billion insurance scam is at stake. Will our heroes and their octopus get out alive?!

It definitely had moments I won’t forget in a hurry and had my Dad’s wife who came with me to watch the show, still laughing about it, days later, she was laughing out loud throughout, reminding me the differences we all have in what we find humorous. So for some, you may love Octopus Soup and find it as enjoyable as my guest to the theatre did, but for me, it didn’t quite hit the mark.

Octopus Soup is at Darlington Hippodrome until Saturday, March 2nd, 2019




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