Pre Teen Bedroom Makeover – Keeping the cost down

The girls had always shared a bedroom, but when we moved house, Lily decided she would like her own room. I did feel a little sad about this but knew it would be good for the girls too. Lily isn’t into playing with toys anymore and Willow very much still is. So whilst Willows room is full of lego and dolls, Lily wanted a grown-up bedroom.

Goal Setting

I gave myself a goal when we moved here, that I would have her room ready for her Birthday. When we moved here Lily’s bedroom was the dumping ground, so to speak, whilst I attempted to unpack and get some order in our new home.

Here is a photo from around two weeks after we moved in. When I could finally actually see from one end of the room to another.




I had around 9 weeks in total, to get the room emptied, decorated and ready for Lilys Birthday. This alongside unpacking the rest of the house, working, Willows Birthday and the summer holidays.

With it being for her birthday I decided Lily should have lots of input on the things she liked for her bedroom. First, she decided on her colours.

Pink and Rose Gold

We looked around at lots of wallpaper, we decided the nicest one was from B&Q, now it was a little pricey at £18 a roll but as it was only one wall to do and I am thinking the bedroom theme will be great for her for a good few years as she goes into her teenage years, it would be worth it. Now I hadn’t really wallpapered properly in a lot of years!  I may have nearly fallen off the ladders a few times but in the space of a few hours, I somehow managed to get it all done.

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I scoured the Facebook marketplace and eBay for a wardrobe. In my head I had wanted a white one, someone was selling a pine one on Facebook at a great price of just £25. Thinking back now I’m so glad I spotted that one, as it just fits in with the colour scheme well.

With secondary school looming Lily had also said she would love a desk. Again searching on the buy-sell and swap pages I managed to get a lovely desk for £25 and an Ikea chair for £10. My dad had a spare single bed frame I could have so it was starting to all come together. I couldn’t have possibly gone out and bought all new I just don’t have the funds. But getting things second hand made the bedroom makeover doable.


Makeup Station

Now for the little extras, Lily really loves to experiment with her makeup, so a space to do her makeup and keep it separate from her school books was needed. I took a few measurements and realised there was a perfect little space for this to go I just need a couple of shelves and a mirror.

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Again a little shopping around and you realise the huge variations in prices. I was on a tight budget but taking a little time to shop around makes all the difference! The floating shelves varied in price from £16 down to £8 depending what shop you were in.

  • The pink fluffy stool is from Unique Furnishings in Darlington.  *gifted as it’s my Dads business
  • Light Up Mirror – Poundstrecher – £14-99
  • Marble Trinket box – B&M £4.99
  • Hex Marble wall plaque quote – B&M -£2.99
  • White Floating Shelves – B&M – £7.99 per shelf
  • Beauty and The Beast Trinket Tray – ShopDisney – in the sale £4.99
  • Marble Makeup brushes – eBay –  £4.59
  • Marble and Rose Gold Hairbrush – Wilkos – £3
  • Rose Gold Metal Basket – Poundstretcher £2.99
  • Wallpaper – B&Q special end of the isle wallpaper (they change these often so not available online I’m afraid.
  • Floral Wreath – The Range – £4.99

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Study Time

The desk space is in a great spot by the window so lots of natural light. The desk is perfect for Lilys needs and a few little accessories to make it fit with the theme she wanted.

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  • The chair is from Ikea originally but got second hand for £10 (usually £22)
  • The desk was second hand at £25 unsure where it was from originally.
  • Memo Holder – Next in the sale – £3.90
  • Pink Roses – JT Romany – Gifted as it the girls Nana’s shop.
  • Lights – Home Bargains – £1.99 – The lights are entangled in the roses and around the memo holder
  • Postcards – Paperchase – 40p each in a sale
  • Flip  Calander – Pound Shop – £1
  • Pencil Holder – Pound Shop – £1
  • Total Legend Glass Block – Card Factory – £1.50
  • Rainbow Tape Cloud Dispenser – Pound Shop – £1
  • Rose Gold magazine holder and basket – Matalan Sale I think around £6 for both

I hope this helps give some of you a little inspiration for a pre-teen bedroom. I think all in, I spent roughly £200 furnishing and decorating the room. I was fortunate to get a few things gifted from my Dad’s shops and a single bed. The curtains were also kindly passed on from my friend who no longer needed them. Eventually I would like to purchase another bed frame as this one is quite low to the ground for storage underneath but for now Lily is more than happy with her grown-up bedroom!





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