Reeth via Grinton Circular walk

Over the Easter holidays, we made our way to Reeth it’s a pretty little place sat up in the Yorkshire Dales about 11 miles from Richmond. Surrounded by the fells of Fremington Edge and Calver Hill quite a sight as you drive up into the centre of Reeth.

With plenty of parking options available with an honesty box for parking charges which help with the upkeep of the green. The parking area is close to all the local amenities including a post office/shop, gift shop and a choice of several pubs they also have public toilets which are payable at 20p to gain access.

We had arrived close to lunchtime and had pre-packed our lunch to keep the coats down over the holidays so we set off on our way heading down the road towards Grinton. We spotted a picnic bench close to the river just over the bridge, so we took the opportunity to enjoy our lunch at the waterside. We were surrounded by beautiful daffodils at this time of year too and with the sun shining down on us it felt like a hint of summer. After lunch we let the girls enjoy playing by the river.

Then we headed off for the walk, following signs to Grinton going across fields on a fenced off walkway enjoying watching all the lambs playing and basking in the sunshine. This then took us to the bridge over the river into Grinton itself a small village with a large pub to the one side of the bridge, we stayed on the right-hand side with the church ahead and turned just before the church down someone’s drive which did feel a little odd but it is the right way for the walk! Then this end bit was the most precarious bit of the walk back alongside the river and a few steps to go up too before coming out onto a small country road (see around the 47 seconds mark on the video below). You then follow the road along where we passed a lovely flowing stream which was opposite the signposts to take us off the road and back onto a walkway.

We spotted plenty of pheasants down in the fields beside us and passed fields full of ewes and lambs some a lot more vocal than others as the farmer had just passed through there field. We enjoy stunning views along the walk and with the weather on our side it made it even better. As you can see where there is water my girls love to get in!

As we got closer back towards Reeth and the swing bridge we looked closely in the water and found spotted some little fish, then a little further along a frog! Then more and more frogs until we lost count it was great for the girls getting to watch them swim around in the clear water. We got to cross lots of small wooden planks to save getting wet feet which the girls really enjoyed too. We walked toward the bridge back across to Reeth enjoying spotting more wildlife and paddling in the river.

Of course, the bridge itself is an adventure for the young ones seeing how much it moves and what happens when they move more on it. We then headed back up into Reeth where a little bribery may have been required to get the girls to keep going and the promise of an ice cream certainly kept them going. As you head back into Reeth you pass a lovely little play park too which we stopped off and enjoyed. To finish off the trip we headed to the Cuckoo Hill View Ice Cream Parlour, spoilt for choice with delicious flavours then we sat out in the sunshine on the green enjoying our treat.


 I’ve added a little video of the walk too for you to view, I do hope this is helpful and inspires you to go visit and enjoy the Yorkshire Dales.


Let me know your favourite walks and any child-friendly walk in the Yorkshire Dales.


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