Seaham Sea Glass Hunting & Tommy

Seaham was somewhere I always fancied visiting mainly to see Tommy the metal sculpture on the seafront. We realised too visiting on a Sunday that there was a huge car boot sale on too. We decided to take a stroll around the car boot sale first, entry was £1 per adult with row after row of stalls the girls enjoyed having a look and came away with a couple of squishy’s each. There was a mixture of stalls as well as the regular car boot type so there was a good variety.

We then headed down to take a look at Tommy the first world war soldier statue, it was lovely to watch others appreciate the sentiment of Tommy and I too explained to my girls the importance of remembering. There were some beautiful hand decorated stones left at the base of Tommy too. Tommy was created by artist Ray Lonsdale.

We did struggle to find public toilets so knew we had passed an Asda earlier so headed there for the kids to use the ones there. Then we drove up to the car park at Seaham Hall Beach Car Park. There is a cafe in the car park called Tonias, we didn’t get in today as had took some lunch with us but hope to visit soon. Down a lot of steps from the car park, you get to the beach, where straight away you can spot people searching for sea glass.  Seaham used to house one of the largest bottle works and all of the waste ‘faulty/broken’ bottles were dumped into the sea which is why the area has such a large amount of Sea Glass. You can read up on more of the history of the bottle works here.

We found a lovely spot near some rock pools perfect for the girls to explore, first they wanted to search for sea glass though. Combing through the stones and pebbles they found it instantly and had great fun collecting a little pot full of various colours and sizes. Excitement each time they found a piece and comparing them it was a lovely activity and passed so much time. Willow then had a great time in the sea exploring the rock pools she even had a little pirate Lego figure so had lots of imaginative play.

We then had a walk along the beach to take a look at the caves from a distance the mud banks on top looked a bit precarious. It was a lovely long beach and you could see many families enjoying themselves somewhere I will definitely go back too.


Have you been to Seaham? How much sea glass did you find?


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