Tees Barrage – Seal Spotting

This morning we decided to go on a little mission to see if we could spot a seal.  We headed along the A66 towards Stockton and followed the signs for the Tees Barrage. With plenty of free parking in the large car park, we then set off for a walk around the course. The course was closed today and with bright blue sky’s above it attracted quite a few families out for a walk.


Plenty of huge boulders to clamber on and bridges to cross for the kids to feel it’s an adventure, even a large bandstand for the kids to have a little performance (apologies to those visiting today who had to listen to my youngest singing Katy Perry’s Roar at the top of her voice) but the best bit has to be the Seal spotting!

We had just finished reading the signs about the seals when we were lucky enough to see not one but two seals in the river right in front of us. My girls were thrilled and I have to admit so was I. Here’s a little video clip of the seal. They had a few picnic benches right next to where we spotted the seals too perfect to enjoy the sun and look out for wildlife.


We’re looking forward to going back when the course is open and hopefully get to watch and photograph some people tackling the rapids, we thoroughly enjoyed a walk around the Tees Barrage in the spring sunshine today and will be back to explore more.  More information on the Tees Barrage International White Water Course can be found here.


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  1. March 28, 2018 / 7:35 am

    that looks great. when you go to saltholme (which is recommended) they have a seal cam which i think is pointed near the barrage.

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