The Mouse Trap, Darlington Hippodrome Review (Ad)

*Ad- I was invited along in exchange for a review.



One thing Gwyneth Strong and I have in common is the fact I’d never seen The Mouse Trap either! Hard to believe as The Mousetrap is the longest running show of any kind in the history of theatre. Established in 1952 in London, Agatha Christie herself could only see the play lasting eight months at the theatre so here now in Darlington, 67 years later a packed theatre sat ready to enjoy the charm of this mysterious yet also quite humorous at times performance.

With an easy to follow, not too serious plot, with humour from the outset with the coat, scarf and hat saga. A clever set,  Monkswell Manor which really brings the play to life, with its grandeur design.

In the opening scenes, we hear there has been a murder in London, with the radio playing a news bulletin with a slightly humorous twist at the time with the on-stage antics.

At the newly opened country guest house run by Giles and Mollie, the snow continues to fall heavily and the rather diverse range of guests begin to arrive.  We get to know each of the characters quirks and we get an insight into the hidden secrets they may have as the evening progresses.  A special mention for Lewis Chandler who plays Christopher Wren he stood out throughout the play with his performance of a lovable yet ever so slightly unhinged young man who’s personality stole the show.  As they soon become aware a murderer may well be amongst them they all become suspects, before the final twist in the tale.  A catchy tune will stay in your head for days after the show and never quite have the same innocence!

Of course, the audience is requested not to reveal whodunnit so I have kept a lot of the details out of the review.  I would say go along enjoy and appreciate this long-standing theatre production whilst you can in Darlington at the Hippodrome from Monday 29 April to Saturday 4 May.


Gwyneth Strong, star of TV show Only Fools and Horses, stars in the timeless Agatha Christie classic The Mousetrap, at Darlington Hippodrome from Monday 29 April to Saturday 4 May.

Gwyneth talks candidly about returning to the stage.

How do you feel to be performing in the new UK tour of The Mousetrap?
Very excited. Opportunities like this come out of the blue and I was really delighted to be asked to be a part of the show. At the time, I was probably one of the very few people from all of the millions to have never actually seen it, but when I settled down to read the script I was immediately hooked. Now, whenever I tell people I’m in The Mousetrap I receive such a positive response and everybody has a tale to tell about it.

What can audiences expect from The Mousetrap?
A chance to be a part of history! This is the West End’s longest running show at 67 years and a good old murder mystery from the Queen of Crime herself, Agatha Christie. If you like a good thriller, you won’t be disappointed.




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