Top 10 things to do on a snow day with your​ children

Firstly you all need to get wrapped up warm and layer up! We haven’t had snow like this in years so if you can, get out and enjoy it. Here are a few ideas –

Go Sledging – even if you don’t have a sledge there are so many things you can use for a sledge such as a large piece of cardboard, an old sleeping bag, a bin liner or even a lilo just make sure you take them home of course. Or if your feeling a spot of DIY why not try making a sledge like this one made from a pallet and some old climbing rope.


Make snowballs– the snow is super soft and fluffy at the moment perfect for snowball fun. We have been out in the garden trying to get the snowballs through the basketball hoop from different distances as well as the usual fun of dodging them flying thru the air towards us.

Stomp/kick and jump your way through the snow sometimes it’s fun to just go a little crazy in the snow!


Look for footprints/animal prints – take a little walk around a park or even just down the street and see how many different tracks and prints you can find and try guessing who/what would have made them.

Make Snow angel’s – my girls have loved creating some epic snow angels in the deep snow.


Dress up as characters from frozen and watch the film. With the biggest snowstorm in quite some time, it’s perfect. You could even venture outside for a quick photo, like my little one did with Olaf, she thought it was brilliant.

Do you wanna ‘Build a snowman‘ sorry I couldn’t resist! The old favourite for all kids, don’t worry about finding an old scarf you could get even more creative and let the kids paint the scarf on the snowman with washable paints.


Make a toy snow scene – we took some of the Lego outside and I let the girls take a few photos they especially loved that it was from Lego friends ski set and they could play with it in the snow.

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Feed the birds they really need a bit of extra help now- were a bit limited for going to the shops right now and I had run out of bird food so I had a quick look on the cupboards and fridge for things suitable for the birds. I’ve compiled a little list of what I found was suitable to use – porridge oats, most cereals especially granola, fruit such as grapes, bananas (peeled), apples (cored), strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches (pitted), Plums (pitted) and Melon to list a few.

Then, of course, what better than a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows to warm everyone up!

If your local to Darlington you can also read about some of the best places to enjoy the snow days here.


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