Tropical World Leeds

It’s safe to say one child loved Tropical World in Leeds the other not so much 🙈 it was very busy so therefore loud, hot as expected and things flying at you from all directions, causing a bit of a sensory overload. Then after a bird pooed all down me, Lily was sure it would do the same to her.

There are 7 areas to explore inside of Tropical world including a rainforest floor with an impressive waterfall, the dessert with lots of cute meerkats as well as much more I have included the layout map below from the World Website which can be found here.

So it was a very quick look around. Thankfully they both loved exploring Roundhay Park afterwards 😃 so it wasn’t a completely wasted drive. I personally enjoyed it lots apart from the bird poo obviously look at that guilty face!

It’s still worth visiting Tropical World for the price and variety on offer to see. For me the fact Willow got to see the blue morpho butterfly, she had just been learning all about at school, her face when she spotted it, made it worth the trip, she was so excited seeing it fly around us!

We spent around an hour here but it was rushed as explained. You could easily spend much longer. I managed to get parked for free in a street close by the way the satnav sent me.


  • Adult£7.20
  • Child (5-15)£3.60
    An adult must accompany under 14s



Princes Avenue,





Opening Times 

Every day
10am to 4pm

Last entry is 30 minutes before closing


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