Tynemouth Market, well on the way to making markets great again.

 I never really got round to sharing the details of our trip to Tynemouth back in October. Well, firstly Tynemouth Market what a treat you are, a mix of craft, home interiors, clothing and more. In such a stunning location just look at it.

Growing up my parents were market traders, so my school holidays where spent on various different markets, and my first ever Saturday job, was of course, on a market stall. So I’m definitely fond of a look around any market, this one certainly has the WOW factor with the setting inside the glorious Victorian station.


If you visit Tynemouth I would make it a weekend, so you can enjoy this eccentric mix within the station. You can either drive and park in the area we parked at the sea view car park but you could also track via the metro and be stepping out into the market when you arrive. The market is open from 9am until 3.30pm every Saturday and Sunday.


Whilst exploring Tynemouth we stumbled across Green Ginger Shopping Arcade, right in the heart of Tynemouth just a short walk from the priory. A beautiful church that has been converted to bring a mix of shops, bars, and eateries all under one magnificent roof!


We really enjoyed our visit to Tynemouth whilst it was busy, it was a breath of fresh air to see so many unique stallholders and businesses here with around 150 stalls! So if you are looking for a variation to your usual high street full of the same old same old, I highly recommend a trip to Tynemouth at the weekend.

Oh and if you up early enough you may even get to enjoy a beautiful sunrise like we did, looking out towards Tynemouth Priory.



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