Whitcliffe Wood & the River Swale, Richmond, North Yorkshire 6-mile Walk

Well, this week the walk with my Mum was eventful, we have been doing a walk of around 3 miles each week around the Richmond area. We parked up in Richmond’s town centre, then headed up Westfields along part of the coast to coast route, so far up the road, you can cross over and go onto the fields which give some stunning views of Richmond. As you walk along them you get to a point where you join back onto the lane, this is the part we first got into a little difficulty! The mud and my footwear were not a good match! I was clinging to a fence making my way through the thick mud and just when I thought I had made it, I managed to slip and slide down onto my hands and knees. I did laugh as it seems to be a typical thing for me these past few months to get covered in mud whilst trying to improve health and get out on walks.


As we walked along this lane I noticed the stunning properties that are available as holiday rentals from Together Travel Co to the right.  Idyllically set within such a stunning part of North Yorkshire and with a short walk to all that Richmond has to offer. Somewhere to add to my bucket list! As we continued along the lane which then takes you on an incline to the edge of Whitcliffe woods. You will pass a few farm buildings and a place to stop and take a breather and look back on the view across Richmond.

We soon realised getting closer to the woods that the mud was going to be a bit of an ongoing issue! The vehicles that had been using the lane had churned the mud up leaving some rather deep muddy pathways. Looking back this all added a bit more character to the walk, yes my feet got soaked and I resembled Bambi on ice many, many times, as well as nearly losing a shoe as it got stuck in claggy mud it was still a joy to be on the walk when you’re surrounded with so many colourful trees.

We passed a few other walkers on the route and despite the conditions, we were all smiling and glad to be out walking. As we left the Whitcliffe woods we came out onto some spectacular views of Swaledale below and walked alongside Whitcliffe Scar, its rugged edge quite the backdrop.

We got to the halfway point and at this point, my mum realised the walk was a fair bit longer than she remembered and it was actually going to be 6 miles overall. This wouldn’t be an issue normally but we were on a very tight timescale of two hours and the mud and navigating our way through it had taken up quite a bit of time, so a little powerwalking was now needed to get us back to the car in time to go and collect the girls from school.


We began the descent down to Applegarth and to walk back alongside the River Swale back to Richmond. Across the river, you can see Swale View Caravan Park . It looks like a great place for families who wish to holiday in Yorkshire and right by the river for paddling fun in the summer months. In front of you are large open fields to walk along with a few stile’s to climb and a picturesque stream flowing towards the river to idle by. The day we went on the walk there was a bitterly cold wind and it was overcast yet the walk still oozed natural beauty.  I really can’t wait to do this walk again on a warm summers day.

We then headed back into the woods where we came across a beautiful commemorative cairn. As we walked up the edge of the woods, dodging streams on the walkway from the recent snow and rainfall, we then had to follow the signs and go via some farmers fields which were tricky and had me practically doing the splits clinging on for dear life to another fence, due to sliding in the mud. Thankfully, we were then back onto a lane which took us back to the main road where we headed straight back up to the car.  We could have followed the walk alongside the River Swale back into Richmond but with time not on our side, an uphill street was our favoured way to make up some time. As we walked back uphill we passed a beautiful owl wood carving.

All that being said with more mud than I care to remember and jolting my body so many times saving myself from landing in more mud it was a lovely 6-mile walk and it was great to get out into the countryside, spending some quality time with my mum. I’m also really impressed with the time we managed to do it in too with all the mud to contend with.

Here is a google map link to the area we walked. Any questions please ask and don’t forget to share with me your walk in the Richmond area, we’re always looking for new places.

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  1. February 8, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Hey lovely!! AW, it sounds like you had an amazing time spending time with your mum, plus a lot of fun and laughs on your walk 😉 Apart from nearly losing your shoe, and being covered in mud, at least you and your mum can look back at these memories and have a good laugh <3
    Lots of love,
    Ramshaa Rose

    • February 10, 2018 / 1:07 pm

      Hey, yes Ramshaa we sure won’t forget the walk anytime soon!

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