Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We had a great time visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park somewhere I had no idea even existed until I Googled ‘polar bears in the U.K.’. The girl’s topic at school is Arctic lands and they have taken quite a big interest. When I read the website it was great to read that the YWP team work hard on conservation and animal welfare.

With nearly 400 animals and 70 different species of animal, Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a fantastic place to experience a truly breathtaking walk-through wildlife adventure. Most of the animals at the park are either endangered or threatened, Yorkshire Wildlife Park work closely with charities to help the conservation of endangered species in the wild and captivity.

From the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Website


We found the drive down easy to navigate from Darlington and once close to the YWP plenty of signs too, we used a sat-nav to help too.  Enter Post Code DN4 6TB

We arrived just after 10 am and there was ample parking available, with staff guiding where to park. We had a short walk to the main entrance Safari Shop, which leads you to the Safari Village, a mixture of small shops and a cafe all within a courtyard setting. This area is all free to enter then you have the entrance gates into YWP itself.

We had a brilliant time exploring the YWP and the girls favourite part was getting to watch the polar bears in their 10-acre reserve. You had a great view of the majestic polar bears as they enjoyed playing in the water.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park also has some amazing play parks for the kids to let of steam, my youngest daughters face when she noticed the size of the Jungle Lookout she couldn’t get to it fast enough!

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 Seeing the rescued lions in the lion country reserve and reading about the life they had in a Romania zoo it was clear watching them how hard Yorkshire Wildlife Park has worked to bring them back to full health.

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We enjoyed a hot chocolate and warmed up a little in Masai Coffee House, which is right next to the giraffes, as we left Willow was still finishing her drink and it was quite the experience sipping hot chocolate as the giraffes wander beside you. There a few choices for food and all seemed reasonably priced meal wise. Typically the prices you would expect really, we took some sandwiches of our own and easily found a place to sit and enjoy those. This meant the girls could get a little something from the gift shop on the way home. You can read more about the places available to eat here.

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The Land of Tigers area looked like a brilliant space for the tigers, we were lucky enough to get to watch one of the tigers enjoy the pool at the top of the waterfall (my camera wasn’t fast enough to capture), great to see such a diverse large space for the tigers to roam.

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As well as the 3 outdoor play areas they also have 2 indoor play areas for the children to enjoy. My two had a great time inside the monkey playhouse, a beautifully built play area with handcrafted wooden walkways and baboons decorating it.  Situated next to the baboon enclosure the huge windows meant the baboons could look in and watch my little monkeys running around inside.

With a wallaby and lemur walkthroughs too its brilliant for the kids to get up close to some of the animals.

I was really impressed with the whole place and will definitely visit again. I have added a few videos below too, as I’ve not included all of the animals and features of the park in this blog (you need to visit and enjoy) but hopefully given you enough information if you wanted to plan a visit in the future.


Have you visited? Let me know about your favourite area and animals below.

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